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First found double starts the round

We start with the dominoes all face down. Players take turns drawing their starting dominoes. The first double found (that has not been a starting double) starts the round.

For a faster game

  • Use even doubles or odd doubles to start the rounds. Use even numbers for 7 rounds or odd for 6 rounds
  • Agree on the time the game will end. Once that time has been reached, finish the round to determine who won the game

Partner Play

This will speed the game up as well as change the strategy needed to play.

  • Partners sit opposite of each other
  • Play on your train or your partner's train.
  • Play until one player runs out of dominoes or until nobody can play a domino
  • The score is the total team score


There are two ways you can play this domino.

  • Give an opponent a domino and take one of theirs
  • Give an opponent a domino and let them choose a domino to give you.


There are several ways you can play this domino.

  • Everybody takes a domino from the person on their left (or right)
  • Everybody gives a domino to the person on their left (or right)
  • The last domino on every train is shifted to the left. (or right)

Some feedback we received was that the derail domino was too complicated. If you feel that way, you can take the derail dominoes out of the game.

About Us

Strategy, Risk, and Reward

Mexican Train Deluxe was created to give people the chance to change somebody else's luck. The Traditional game relied a great deal on luck. 

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Our Intriguing Journey

One of our family traditions was to spend a week at the Oregon coast with another family at Christmas. We played games every day. Mexican Train, Skip-bo, ...


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