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Whether you're new to the game or seeking clarification on certain aspects, this FAQ is here to provide you with answers to common questions. From understanding the game's goal and rules to familiarizing yourself with key terms and scoring, this section aims to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the Dominoes Game. Let's dive in and explore the frequently asked questions to help you become a skilled player.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to have the lowest total points at the end of the game. Each round's goal is to play all the dominoes in your hand, while minimizing the points left in your hand when another player goes out.

The Hub refers to the centerpiece where all player trains start.

The Engine is the starting double domino that is placed in the center of the Hub at the beginning of each round.

A Player Train is a line of dominoes belonging to a player.

A Mexican Train is a line of dominoes that all players are allowed to play on.

A Marker is a small train that is placed on a player's train to indicate that they cannot play a domino.

The Bone Pile refers to all the facedown dominoes from which players can draw during the game.

Out of Play is a designated area where used dominoes are placed after they have been used in the game.

The game consists of 13 rounds. The first round starts with the Double Twelve, and each subsequent round starts with the next lower Double, going down to Double Zero.

The game includes 91 Numbered Dominoes, 14 Word Dominoes, 1 Hub with 8 slots (one for each player), and 9 Marker Trains.

  • If you have an eligible domino, you must play it.
  • When playing a double, you must play a second domino to "cover" the double. If unable to cover, place your marker on your train and announce "I can't cover it."
  • If there is an open double (excluding the Engine), the next domino played must cover the open double. If unable to cover, draw from the bone pile. If still unable to play, place a marker on your train.
  • You can remove the marker from your train when playing any domino.
  • If unable to play, draw a domino from the bone pile. If still unable to play, place your marker on your train.
  • You must start your train before starting any other player's train.
  • The Mexican Train cannot be started until all player trains have started.
  • You can play a domino on your train, the Mexican Train, or any player's train that has a marker on it.
  • The person starting the round can play a second domino with matching numbers to start their train. If unable to play a second domino, put your marker up.
  • Turn all dominoes face down and mix them up to create the bone pile.
  • Each player takes 7 dominoes from the bone pile.
  • If any player has the starting double, they start the round by playing it.
  • If no player has the starting double, the oldest player or the player who won the last round starts the round by drawing from the bone pile until the starting double is found.
  • Once the starting double is found, it is placed in the center of the hub as the Engine.

Scoring in the game is determined as follows:

  • Numbered dominoes: The point value is equal to the total number of dots on the domino.
  • Draw: 30 points
  • Skip: 30 points
  • Reverse: 30 points
  • Trade: 30 points
  • Twist: 30 points
  • Derail: 40 points
  • Wild: 50 points

At the end of each round, players count the points in their remaining hand. These points are added to their overall score. The goal is to have the lowest total points after all the rounds have been played.

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