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Our Intriguing Journey

Our Intriguing Journey

One of our family traditions was to spend a week at the Oregon coast with another family at Christmas. We played games every day. Mexican Train, Skip-bo, Phase 10, UNO, and puzzles kept us entertained.

On one trip, a friend, Bruce was having one of those days where if he didn't go out, he had very few points. Our son, said he wished we he could skip Bruce because he was too lucky. 

We returned from the coast and tried to see if we could skip people. We quickly added words that we found in UNO. SKIP, DRAW, WILD, and REVERSE. 

We need to add more words instead of simply copying UNO. We came up with TWIST, TRADE, and with the help of a friend, DERAIL.

The new words allow you to affect other people's luck by playing them on their train, Skipping them, trading dominoes with them or making them draw from the bone pile.

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