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Scott Farestrand

Scott, the founder of Mexican Train Deluxe, LLC, has always had a passion for games that bring people together and create memorable moments. It all started during a casual game of Mexican Train with friends when one player seemed unusually lucky. Scott's son playfully exclaimed, "Bruce is too lucky, I wish I could skip him!" Little did they know that this innocent comment would spark a brilliant idea.

Inspired by his son's words and fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit, Scott embarked on a mission to elevate the Mexican Train game experience. After a vacation filled with brainstorming and discussions with his children, the idea of incorporating words into the game took shape. This simple yet innovative twist would add a new layer of excitement and creativity to the traditional domino game.

Driven by his vision, Scott brought together a team of dedicated professionals who shared his passion for creating exceptional gaming experiences. With their collective expertise, they crafted Mexican Train Deluxe, a game that marries the joy of dominoes with the power of words. This unique fusion has captivated players of all ages and has become a game-changer in the world of word-based entertainment.

Scott's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of Mexican Train Deluxe. From the meticulously crafted word domino tiles to the thoughtfully designed game rules, every detail is carefully considered to ensure a premium gaming experience. Scott's passion for creating games that inspire creativity, foster social interaction, and bring families closer together is the driving force behind Mexican Train Deluxe, LLC.

As a visionary and a game enthusiast, Scott understands the profound impact that games can have on individuals and their relationships. Mexican Train Deluxe is not just a business venture for him; it's a means to create cherished memories, strengthen family bonds, and ignite the spark of imagination in players of all ages. Through Mexican Train Deluxe, Scott aims to spread joy, laughter, and connection, one game at a time.

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